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Businesses of every size have had to confront the notion of strengthening cybersecurity throughout the pandemic. Not only are there viruses in the physical world, there are viruses and other cyber threats in the digital world. Here’s a look at how IT consultants in Los Angeles can help your business rise above the fear and confusion surrounding breaches and cybersecurity.

Ransomware on the Rise

A good reason many businesses are relying on IT consultants in Los Angeles is to improve cybersecurity technology, processes, and strategies. IT professionals can audit and monitor your network to send alerts when suspicious visitors show up on your network. 

Ask yourself if your business suffered a ransomware attack, would it be able to overcome the customer complaints, lawsuits, reputational damage and recovery costs? The answer for most businesses that aren’t concerned about cybersecurity is no.

Some businesses, such as healthcare organizations, cannot afford to cut corners, as they must comply with HIPAA regulations about privacy protections or face heavy fines. Despite increasing ransomware attacks, these disasters can be blocked since they often rely on employee error through email. IT consultants can train your employees how to spot suspicious emails.

Preparing for a Data Breach

It’s advantageous for any company these days to prepare for a cybersecurity breach so that when one occurs your company will act promptly and rationally. The worst-case scenario of a hack is when an organization is unprepared then presses the panic button to make things worse. Here are some of the concerns your company should be prepared for with the help of your IT team:

  • Using virtual servers to segment networks
  • Establishing and enforcing a cybersecurity policy
  • Backing up critical data on a regular basis
  • Using 24/7 automated network monitoring to detect intruders
  • Developing a data backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Restoring decrypted or lost data
  • Using multi-factor authentication for extra protection
  • Turning to remote work solutions if necessary

Be aware that 93 percent of businesses without a disaster recovery plan collapse following a cybersecurity breach. By contrast, 96 percent of businesses that do have a disaster recovery plan completely recover after the attack.


Not all managers understand the importance of building multiple security layers against cybercriminals. Working with IT consultants in Los Angeles adds protection to your business. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more about how we can help your business become more safe and efficient. We help companies protect their digital environments by optimizing cutting-edge tech solutions.

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