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IT support in LA may be the best security solution for your business, large or small. Going the internal route to secure digital premises will limit protections to your budget. You can’t afford to spend as much on security as an outsourced MSP can, unless of course that’s the core prerogative of your business. With MSPs, it is imperative that they provide top-tier service and remain competitively viable to multiple diverse clients in a way that can be guaranteed.

Let’s examine just why cybersecurity is of the utmost importance:

Black Market Tech Matches the Legal Industry

IT support providers in LA contend with black-market analogues. Consider this: the cybercrime market is a multi-trillion dollar industry. It’ll be worth about $6 trillion in 2021. Meanwhile, the present tech industry is valued around $5 trillion. Now there’s two years separating these figures, but essentially, they’re neck-and-neck. There’s a symbiotic sort of relationship at play here. Accordingly, there are black-hat “MSPs” both at home and abroad which target varying businesses. You need to guard against them

Cybercriminals Routinely Target Small Businesses

IT support providers commonly provide security solutions even for small businesses. A little business that gets held up by ransomware will have to pay the ransom without tech security contingencies. Hackers know SMBs are more vulnerable.

Technological Expansion Predicates Matching Black Market Tech

Though Moore’s Law is no longer considered the primary standard for technological expansion, it’s still a somewhat reasonable metric, and it’s still applicable in 2019. Technology expands exponentially, so where once were strengths, new weaknesses develop. Every upgrade brings a new strength and a new weakness. You’ve got to stay ahead.

Establishing Secure Data Management

An IT support company in LA like Advanced Networks can help stay ahead of tech trends, safeguard your business no matter its size, and keep you protected against a cybercrime industry that’s neck-and-neck with the global tech industry. Contact our IT consultants in Los Angeles for more information.

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