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LA IT support firms commonly provide security solutions for diverse clients operating with cloud computing infrastructure. Though cloud computing saves time and money— as well as generally provides for safer data management— there are unique security issues it’s integral your business is aware of and able to counteract.

Certainly, firewalls and antivirus software, as well as other cutting-edge solutions, characterize security measures cloud providers utilize to make their platforms sustainable. However, there are many other threats you need to be aware of that you, as the user, have some power over. Several key issues you should understand include:

Basic Data Breaches

Data breaches transpire when data is leaked out in some way from your cloud array. Usually, these are premeditated operations conducted by cybercriminals manipulating your network via unauthorized access.

Worse still, if you’re found out of compliance in terms of breach notification law, that can result in stiff fines. You need security measures or management options in place to mitigate data breaches. Don’t think of them as an “if” scenario— think of a breach in terms of “when” you have to deal with it.

Threats Emanating from Inside Your Company

Some of the worst cyber threats your company will contend will develop internally. LA IT support firms can play an integral part in helping you to identify areas where such activity may transpire, and properly safeguard against them. There will be instances of accidental security compromise, and those wrought from deliberate corporate espionage.

Sub-Par Training and Questionable Software

The lion’s share of internal threats come from poor training. MSPs offer many training options that could be worthwhile for your company. You’ll need refresher courses, as the “goalposts” of technological advancement are in continual flux. Every couple of years, tech doubles on itself from the top down. If you don’t keep pace with that rapid transition, you become increasingly compromised.

Something else that will compromise you is sub-par, third-party cloud software. Apps of a cheap design can unknowingly have Trojan viruses in them. The tech world has layers, and cheap software tends to get on the market through questionable means. Consultation with a tech company can help you avoid using software that will put your company at risk of a data breach.

Securing Your Cloud

LA IT support through Advanced Networks can help train personnel to properly interface with cloud infrastructure. Additionally, we can help you avoid questionable cloud apps, reduce vulnerability to a data breach. and safeguard against internal threats. Contact us for more information on cloud security best practices.

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