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IT services providers in Los Angeles help businesses upgrade to the latest tech solutions on the market. Some are going to be more appropriate to a given business than others, but one which tends to be advantageous regardless of the business involved is VoIP, which stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol”. VoIP combines telephony costs with internet costs. Except for niche situations where there is no other solution, VoIP tends to be recommendable, cheaper, and more qualitative than landline phones–this is one of the biggest reasons why things are changing substantially in modernity.

Considerable Differences

In order to determine if VoIP is best for your business, you’ll want to do a little research. Generally, businesses large and small have a similar experience with this innovation. Some of the most considerable factors include the following:

Differences Between Landlines and VoIP

Landline phones require physical hookup. VoIP merely requires internet hookup, which can involve routers, satellites, DSL solutions, or whatever works for your primary location. Without VoIP, you’ll need landline tech infrastructure in addition to internet tech infrastructure. With VoIP, you just pay an extra subscription fee, basically, and whatever costs are involved with physical phones; you don’t have to bury an additional physical phone line.

Pricing and Sound Quality Differences

IT services professionals in Los Angeles also recommend VoIP in terms of costs, as it tends to be less expensive while including more features businesses tend to need. Now granted, there can be a slight declination in certain qualitative areas owing to the way in which signal is transmitted. If you’re having internet outages, you might have VoIP outages. This is negligible, though, and the benefits in terms of reduced price and added features tend to outweigh occasional outage issues. In fact, many businesses prefer VoIP quality over landline quality. 

Technology and Features

VoIP technology includes voicemail to email, which saves a lot of time and complication. Easier conferencing options are available, you can utilize “smart” call queues, “smart” monitoring, and many other features depending on the VoIP system you go with. All these things are superior to the majority of landline options.

The Remote Component

VoIP itself is internet-facilitated, so wherever you’ve got internet, you can access your business telephony system. This makes remote work a lot easier for everyone involved, which is key in a modern business environment that is increasingly decentralized.

Securing the Most Optimal Business Phone Solutions

Our IT services team in Los Angeles can help you determine if VoIP is right for your business. Remote facilitation, better features, technological innovation, pricing, sound quality; all tend to be superior through a VoIP telephony system. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more. 

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