Your Server Options: Finding the Right IT Support in LA

Your Server Options: Finding the Right IT Support in LA

IT support LA, cloud solutions Los AngelesIt is challenging to find the right kind of servers for your business, but the right IT support provider in LA can help you find the best solution. Webhosting, online cloud-based solutions, and in-house servers provide their own unique pros and cons. A qualified IT support company helps you navigate through the confusing technology that is available to your company today.

Traditional Hosting and Data Storage

For many businesses, in-house server and data storage has been the norm. Applications, development, and data are all kept on servers within your businesses premises. This arrangement gives your department complete control over security, applications, and access. However, it is very rigid and your business is responsible for all updates, capital costs, and operational costs. With the nature of IT, the capital costs to upgrade hardware or software are unpredictable, which causes significant risk to your company. Your own in-house IT staff is also going to be heavily worked when there are failures or outages.

Taking It to the Cloud

Today’s companies are trying to remove some of the risks associated with in-house server solutions. The alternative is cloud solutions in Los Angeles. A significant amount of IT companies offer cloud-based services that reduce some of the risks and costs associated with onsite servers. Dropbox, Quickbooks, and Amazon all offer corporate cloud services that can enhance your businesses computing and data storage abilities. Your business enjoys the always up to date software and hardware while taking little risks. Monthly costs are predictable, and your employees have access to 24/7 support for many of these services. Companies that deal with remote workers also enjoy the flexible access available through cloud services.

Drawbacks to the Cloud

In theory, the cloud is the perfect solution for almost all of your IT support needs in LA. In practice, however, there are some issues. Primarily, cloud servers are very limiting in development and software. Your business is restricted to the applications that the cloud service provider gives you. For some companies, more control is needed.

The cloud is also very dependent on your Internet speed. All of the data that your staff tries to access must come over from an offsite server. This can take up a great deal of time, especially if your company looks at large data sets for analytical purposes.

Hybrid Solutions

As it becomes more apparent that cloud-based services are lacking, hybrid solutions are being developed. In these server solutions, part of your business’ servers is dealt with on a cloud service. However, your company still has control over applications and security on aspects stored in-house. This helps you scale your services as required while keeping important parts of your IT architecture in-house.

Technology continues to change and evolve. The solutions of yesterday are quickly adapting to meet the needs of businesses all over the world. IT support in LA is ever moving and your business must make the most of today’s advancements. At Advanced Networks, we provide many of the server and data solutions that your company needs. To learn more, contact us today.

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