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The Top 5 Advantages of Encryption You Need to Be Using for Your Business

It’s no secret that more and more businesses are taking advantage of the incredible benefits of encryption for safeguarding sensitive information and data. In fact, encryption is quickly becoming a necessity in order to protect data from being accessed or … Read More

Types of Network Security

The 6 Major Network Security Types

The cost of cybercrime has risen by 10% in the past year alone. This number is especially alarming, considering that 43% of data breaches target small business victims. If you manage or work with a tech team, it’s important to … Read More

Why Do We Need Network Security

The Top 10 Reason Why Network Security is Important

In our modern, technologically-focused world, businesses rely on computer networks to conduct their daily operations. From email and internet access to sales and inventory tracking, almost everything a business does is connected in some way to a network. It’s no … Read More

Benefits of Getting Remote IT Support

4 Remote IT Support Benefits You Should Know

The benefits of remote IT support are rather clear: Cut costs Remove IT roadblocks (speeding up workflows) Scale more easily Automate repetitive tasks Take advantage of leading technology For example, by preventing even just a few minutes of downtime, you … Read More

Benefits of Managed IT Services in Los Angeles, Orange County California, and Portland, OR

The Top 7 Managed IT Services Benefits 2024

The Top 7 Benefits of Managed IT Services 2024 The average U.S. business runs 254 different SaaS programs. As business systems become more complex, it’s essential to have IT experts supporting your organization. You might also wondering what are the … Read More

Cloud Migration Strategy

The Top 6 Best Practices for a Winning Cloud Migration Strategy

Although the vast majority of businesses today use the cloud in form, many businesses continue to put off performing a full cloud migration because they’re not convinced they can do it efficiently enough for it to be worth the time, … Read More

Break-Fix vs. Managed Services

A Closer Look at Break-Fix vs. Managed Services

From software management to cybersecurity, businesses face increasing risks of running into technical issues. While hiring IT services is essential to resolving these concerns, whether you choose a break-fix vs. managed services support is a decision left to individual businesses. … Read More

Enterprise Cloud servers

The 10 Most Common Cloud Migration Challenges and How You Can Avoid Them

Cloud migrations are becoming increasingly popular as businesses of all sizes realize the benefits of cloud-based solutions.  In fact, in 2022 alone, 61% of all businesses migrated their workload to the cloud, and 94% of enterprises use cloud services. However, … Read More

How to Choose a Managed Services Provider

How to Choose a Managed Services Provider for Your Business

If you run or own a business, then chances are you already know about Managed IT Service Providers (and might even be familiar with the types of services they provide). But, perhaps you are also unconvinced that MSPs can provide … Read More

Network Security Vulnerabilities for Businesses

The 8 Major Types of Vulnerabilities in Network Security

In the last 15 years, California businesses have experienced 1,777 data breaches, with more than 5.6 billion records exposed. That’s almost 19 times higher than the second runner up, New York state with 295 million records exposed in the same … Read More